Tony Ingrassia, MAC  LPC
Executive Director, Freedom Counseling Service 





* Tony Ingrassia graduated from Flordia Bible College with a BA degree: major in biblical studies and a minor in theology. 

* Tony recieved his M.A.C. degree (Master of Arts in Counseling) at Covenant Theological Seminary.

* Tony is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Missouri.

* Tony is currently the Senior Pastor at The Outpost Church in St. Charles Missouri.

* Tony is the founder / director of The Power of Purity: a non-profit ministry intended to help men experience their sexual gift in a healthier way.

* Tony is a member in good standing with the AACC: American Association of Christian Counselors.

Tony is an entrepreneur who has worked in the remodeling business, the real estate business, and the consulting business.  In 1987 he started his own remodeling company and grew it into one of the largest companies of its kind in the Midwest.  After selling that company in 1996, he authored various programs designed to help other remodelers improve their businesses and increase their profits.  

Tony's greatest passion is to share with other Christian men the story of what God has done in his life, marriage, and sexuality.  Although there was a time Tony had achieved all the trappings of success on the "outside", he was desperate and miserable on the "inside".  He had built a successful remodeling business.  He was making more money than he ever imagined he would.  He had over fifty people working for him.  He had healthy children, nice cars, a beautiful home, commercial property, investments and a secure bank account.  But despite all these blessings there was a growing desperation in his life as he struggled deeply with his wounded sexuality and failing marriage.  Although he had become a Christian when he was sixteen years old, Tony continued to struggle deeply in his ability to honor God with his sexuality.  Many negative influences in his early life, including the discovery of pornography, masturbation, ungodly masculine role models, and sexual abuse contributed to the invisible chains that held Tony in places of captivity, and prevented his freedom in the sexual area of life.  Through his deep struggle, the evil one literally tried to destroy everything of significance in Tony's life, including his marriage, his family, his finances, his future, his ministry, and his very life.  It was only through the process of repentance God invited him to walk through that God began to break the chains of captivity as he redeemed Tony's life, sexuality and marriage.

Tony lives in St. Charles Missouri with his wife, Sheri, and their three sons.  He owns a farm in northern Missouri, which allows him to pursue his other interests, including hunting, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Tony has authored four books. 

Stories, is the story of Tony's personal journey of sexual sin, struggle, pain, repentance, redemption, and freedom. 

The Power of Purity, is intended to help men understand the unholy "roots" that have influenced their sexuality in a harmful way, and to reveal the process of repentance that can forever severe those "roots" to make true freedom possible.

The Power of Purity Workbook, is a workbook designed to help men walk through a process of repentance concerning the sexual area of their lives as they seek the true freedom that only Christ can bring. 

God's Healing Path, How To Experience God's Deep Healing In Your Heart and Life

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