What We Do

 We are passionate about what we do. We help our clients: dig deep into their life story, be out loud with what’s really in their heart, express anger, sadness, fear, longings and confusion, discover and challenge destructive thought patterns, learn to set boundaries, resolve interpersonal conflict, forgive themselves and others, grieve, find peace, find meaning, find purpose, find hope and know themselves more fully.


The current fee at Freedom Counseling Service is $100 per session, and sessions are 50 - 60 minutes long.

My practice is private pay, which means I do not bill insurance companies. Fees can be paid on a per session basis via cash, check, or debit / credit card. I can provide detailed receipts of your record of payment for you to provide directly to your insurance company. This will allow you to recieve reimbursement from your insurance company based upon the parameters of your particular insurance plan. Many of my clients receive full or partial reimbursement in this way.